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Khushal Khan Cadet College is an excellent institution for the people of this area who quests for an elegant as well as successful life. This institution renders a mix taste of education, physical training and personality development. Indeed, education and grooming move side by side. However, with the passage of time, most of the students and education institutions only tend to focus on securing maximum marks. This marks centric approach has led to a very strange competition amongst students and has deprived them the basic development of logical thinking along with reasoning.

Khushal Khan Cadet College is established with the aim not only to facilitate students in securing optimum marks in board exams but also make them disciplined and balanced persons through various personality development modules. Career counseling is another important facet of our College; through this module experienced professional will analyze / identify the relevant talent in a student and guide him to choose appropriate profession as per his personality. In order to achieve this aim, faculty including a professional psychologist of an excellent profile will be hired. I, being commandant of Khushal Khan Cadet College and because of extended experience at ISSB Kohat, will ensure that faculty to make concerted efforts to attain this objective.

By the grace of Allah almighty, I am sanguine that Khushal Khan Cadet College will be a gateway for the upcoming youth of KPK who are overfilled with talent, exuberance and dedication to illuminate their future.